Art Lillard Music

Drummer Art Lillard leads this jazz duo, which also includes a guitarist or pianist. Art has over thirty-five years’ experience as a bandleader. He is known for his ability to “read” a room, responding sensitively to his audience, and keeping his band playing at appropriate volumes and danceable tempos.

The duo draws its influence from traditional swing and jazz as well as more contemporary popular music. The duo plays jazz standards, show tunes, swing tunes, bossa novas, and blues, as well as some of Art Lillard’s original compositions. The band’s extensive repertoire includes the songs of Richard Rodgers, Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and many others.

This duo performs at libraries, wineries, senior residences, and other facilities in the tri-state area. With an extensive repertoire and professional background in jazz, swing, Latin, blues, and popular music, the duo tailors its programs to the needs of its audiences, including seasonal themes and genre preferences.  

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